All Purpose Canopy Operating Instructions

Assembly Requirement: Minimum of two people and a sledge hammer.

1. Once your location is designated, take the tent out of the bag and lay out completely with the valence of the tent facing down. You must make sure that the area is free of electrical wires, pipes, and any obstacles that might be under ground.

2. Sides of the tent will have one hole, one rope, and one stake. Each corner should have one hole, two ropes, and two stakes. Hammer in a stake about 6 feet away from each hole in the canopy.

3. Connect one long pole and one short pole together and lay out next to each stake. The center pole will be 2 long poles and 1 short pole.

4. Start in opposite corners. Insert side poles into pole holes in canopy and raise so that the bottom of poles slants toward the center of the canopy. (Approx. 45 degrees)

5. Tighten the guy rope on the stake and continue with the corners and then sides.

6. Raise the three-piece center pole(s) and insert into center pole hole. Raise to upright position and tie off jump rope to pole.

7. Tighten guy ropes and then set side poles to upright position. Adjust pole positions and guy rope tension to properly strech out canopy. Protective corners are recommended for all stakes.


1. Loosen all guy ropes.

2. Spread out a drop cloth if needed.

3. Disassemble all side poles, put them in the bag according to size. Repeat this step for the center pole(s).

4. Roll canopy up and put back in bag.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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