Charcoal Grills Operating Instructions

Assembly and Use:

1. To prepare the grill for use, assemble legs to the bottom of the firebox.

2. Remove the grill top and line firebox with aluminum foil. This acts as a heat reflector and aids in cleanup.

3. Place three separate piles of charcoal spaced evenly in firebox (approximately 20 lbs.). Using standard lighter fluid ignite charcoal following manufacturer instructions.

4. When coals are ready for cooking (approximately 30 to 40 minutes) spread over bottom of firebox. Coat grill top with cooking oil to prevent food from sticking and replace at desired height.

5. After food is cooked remove the grill top to prevent excess food and grease from burning on. This also makes cleaning much easier.

6. Never pour water on the coals to extinguish, this will cause the firebox to warp.

***A $10 cleaning charge is added automatically to your bill. If the grill is returned clean you may be refunded the $10***

7. When all coals are cool roll up foil and discard. Make sure firebox is clean and dry before storage. Grill top can be cleaned with any commercial oven cleaner or detergent solution.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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