Coffee Urns Operating Instructions

Our coffee urns come in either 55 cup or 90 cup sizes.

Service note This unit draws more amperage than any appliance in your kitchen. Please use a dedicated 20 amp outlet

1. Remove top, basket, and wand from inside the urn.

2. Fill cold water to desired line depending on the amount of coffee you would like to brew.

3. Replace wand and basket inside urn.

4. No paper filter is needed for this machine. Use the basket as your filter and pour dry coffee inside basket.

5. Replace top and plug into a dedicated 20 amp outlet. (Do not plug anything else into the outlet or the unit will not work.)

6. Allow 1 hour for brewing time.

7. Rinse out all instruments when finished. Cleaning the coffee maker is not necessary. Just rinse off extra coffee debris.

8. 2 cups dry coffee makes 30 brewed cups 6 cups makes 90 brewed cups.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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