Cotton Candy Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow all safety instructions affixed to this machine.

Controls and Functions

1. Main switch turns motor on or off and supplies current to the heat switch.

2. Heat switch turns current to the ribbon on or off.

3. Heat control increases or decreases voltage to ribbon wire-heating element using a gradual dial. All dial settings are at line voltage or below.

4. Plug in the machine to any dedicated 20 amp outlet.

Making the Floss

1. Turn both main and heat switches all the way on. Once machine is warm, it is ready for use. Please watch hands while testing machine to see if it is warm.

2. Place circular metal tub with netting lining the inside of the tub, attached to top of machine.

3. Adjust the heat to a lower temperature before pouring in sugar.

4. Pour sugar into spinning head, no more than ¼ cup at a time.

5. Pick a cone; if it sticks in the stack of cones, twist it off the stack.

6. Hold the cone at the pointed end.

7. Roll cone in the web of floss building up in the pan.

8. Do not roll floss while the cone is inside the pan. This will pack the floss too tightly.

9. If the floss starts to float out of the pan, turn down the heat. This will slow down the spinning head.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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