Dunk Tank Operating Instructions

1. Select a level area for set-up.

2. Slowly lift up and set tank upright.

3. Swing gate wing from it's stored position to be perpendicular with tank.

4. Lower the stabilizing rod on the bottom of the wing so the wind does not move it, as this will cause the trigger arm to jam.

5. Check drain plug to make sure it is tight and then fill with water.

6. Place the flattened end of the arm into the trigger mechanism. Put the other end through the square tubing on the wing and through the hole in the canvas. Make sure the arm drops into the slot on the side of the frame.

7. Insert the target into the end of the arm so the pinholes line up. Insert the clip pin.

8. Place one hand on the front of the seat and push down. With the other hand, test the target to see that it works properly.

9. You can adjust the degree of difficulty by positioning the arm slightly closer or slightly further from the ball thrower.

Take down:

1. Remove drain plug and let tank empty. Replace plug.

2. Fold the wing against the side of the unit and securely tie off.

3. Place seat in the *up* position and lock.


1. Keep dunk tank away from electricity.

2. Keep water level at least 8" away from top of tank.

3. Only one person on seat at a time and never stand on the seat.

4. Wear tennis shoes to keep from slipping.

5. Move towards front of tank when coming out of water to avoid hitting your head on the seat.

6. Never use baseballs or other hard balls on tank.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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