Frozen Drink Dual Dispenser Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions:

1. Place unit on countertop or sturdy surface.
Make sure unit is positioned so that it can not slide off surface.
Do not plug in machine until you have filled the hoppers to desired amount.
If operating machine outdoors keep machine in shade.

2.Fill hoppers with PRE-MIXED mixture (must contain 33grams or more of sugar per serving or mixture will not freeze!) Please note that if you are using the Island Oasis product that we sell, it requires that you mix three quarts of water for every quart of product.


4.Plug in unit to a dedicated 20 amp outlet
Press and release I/O button to turn on machine.
Press and release each of the AUGER buttons.
Press and release the SNOWFLAKE button until *Ice* is displayed (it will take 3 minutes for the compressor to activate.)

5. If you are adding liquor, pour two gallons of water and one half gallon of bar mix per side. This leaves you one half-gallon left to fill. Allow the machine to mix for five minutes. Pour one third of a fifth of desired liquor per side and let it mix. Taste test and continue to add water or more liquor until you reach the desired strength. Allow 45-70 minutes for finished product. This time will vary depending on how much alcohol is used.

6.When mixing blade becomes exposed add cold water and product to the hopper. It will take about 20-30 minutes before you can start serving again.

7.When finished using the machine, drain the hoppers. (please do not remove the hoppers). Turn off the machine and add one gallon of warm water to each hopper and drain. This will help rinse out each hopper. Do not do any other cleaning of this machine.

8. In the unfortunate (and unnecessary) event that you removed either or both hoppers and then are experiencing a leak, you must properly seat the hopper onto the gasket. First you must drain the product. Once empty push back and down on the hopper until the small white button on the outside of the hopper pops out.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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