Fun House Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow safety instructions affixed to the ride.

**Be sure to pick a location free from overhead electrical power or telephone lines. Location should be free from trees that could damage or stain the inflatable. An unobstructed area should be maintained for 5 feet around and above the perimeter of the fun house. The measurements on the fun house are 13x13x13. **

Setting it up:

1. Ideally this unit should be set up on a level lawn area. If you must set it up on asphalt or other hard surface, please place blankets or other padded materials beneath it. Unroll and position the fun house and locate the 2 inflation tubes on the back of the inflatable.

2. Place the blower in an area that is not in a direct pathway. Be certain that the blower is on a flat, dry surface.

3. Take the 2 inflation tubes: one of the tubes will connect to the blower and the other tube gets tied off with the strap that is connected to it. Make sure that the tube that is strapped to the blower is on very securely.

4. Plug the blower into your dedicated 20 amp outlet. If an extension cord is needed, you must make sure that it is industrial strength. Stake down the inflatable in at least two opposite corners. Cover the stakes with a suitable material to protect children while they are using the inflatable.

5. Locate the on/off switch on the blower and turn it on. The inflation should take approximately 2 minutes. The blower must remain on for the duration of the time that the fun house is occupied.

6. Locate the step (if provided) next to the funhouse entrance. Secure the net over the entrance when it is occupied.

7. When your event is over, remove any debris from inside the funhouse and turn off the blower. It will deflate in approximately 4 minutes.

8. Unplug and roll the fun house up the same way it was received.


* Keep the front of the fun house clear and accessible at all times.

* It is recommended that 5-6 children be the maximum limit allowed in the fun house at one time. The older the children, the fewer should be allowed in at once.

* Children should always remove shoes when entering the inflatable.

* You need to make sure that you have a dedicated outlet for this inflatable. You must not plug anything else into the same outlet.

* Adult supervision is required at all times.

* If the fun house it not completely dry, please do not roll up. Inflate and let run until dry. On a sunny day, it should only take about ½ hour.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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