Hot Dog Carousel Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow safety instructions affixed to this hotdog machine.

1. Place the hot dogs in the carousel. It can hold up to 40 hot dogs at a time.

2. When ready to start cooking, move toggle switch to the *ON* position. This will start the rotisserie and light the bulb behind the silk-screened sign.

3. With the heat control set on *HI* and using average sized hot dogs, it will take from 10-15 minutes to have the dogs ready for serving.

4. After the dogs are cooked, reduce the heat control setting to 1, which will keep the hot dogs at the desired serving temperature.


* The time required to broil the hot dogs will vary, depending upon the size and temperature of the hot dogs when placed in the carousel.

* Watch the dogs carefully the first several times you cook to avoid blistering or burning them.

* Hot dogs can be kept on the rotisserie for several hours without shriveling or loss of flavor, if the heat control is set low enough.

Note: Take refrigerator temperature hotdogs directly from cooler and place them on the rotisserie. Cooked hotdogs should achieve and maintain an internal temperature of 140 degrees. For optimal food safety, we strongly recommend utilizing a small meat thermometer to assure that the product is served at the correct temperature.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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