Nacho Machine Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow safety instructions affixed to this machine.

1. Place the machine on a table.

2. Place the bowl ring in the water tank located on the top of the machine.

3. Fill with water to the top of the bowl ring with hot water.

4. Place tin or insert bowl into the unit. (bowl ring should be centered under the container). Contents must be preheated before inserting the pump. The pump will not function if the contents are too thick.

5. After contents are preheated insert pump and place pump lid over the container. Press down and turn until it locks into the unit.

6. Turn the power switch "on".

7. Turn the heat control to the extreme hot position for a quick buildup of heat. After contents are heated, turn the heat control back to desired position.

8. One pump will serve 1 oz of cheese per pump stroke.

9. Place chips in base to keep them warm.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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