Obstacle Course Operating Instructions

Be certain to follow all safety directions affixed to this ride.

Be sure to pick a location free from overhead electrical power or telephone lines. Location should be free from trees that could damage or stain the inflatable. An unobstructed area should be maintained for 5 feet around and above the perimeter of the inflatable.

Set up:

1. Unroll inflatable on a level lawn area. If you must set it up on a hard surface, please place blankets or other padded materials beneath it.

2. Once you have the inflatable rolled out completely, locate the two blower tubes.
Attach one blower to one of the tubes and tie off the other tube with the attached strap.

3. Plug the blower into a dedicated 20 amp outlet

4. Stake the ride in at least two corners. Cover the stakes with a suitable material to protect children from injury.

Using the attachment:

If rented with our 15' slide, attach the two inflatables together using the large Velcro strips.


1.Turn off and remove blower.

2. Attempt to roll inflatable back up. (We realize this is very difficult!)

Please monitor children while they are using the inflatable. The maximum capacity is six children, and they all should be heading in the same direction and be evenly spaced out.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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