Popcorn Machine Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow safety instructions affixed to this machine.

1. There are three switches on the popper.
* The kettle motor and exhaust which powers the kettle.
* The kettle heat which heats the kettle.
* The light switch operates the inside lights.

2. Turn Kettle motor and kettle heat switches to the "on" position.

3. Make a test pop using the MEGA-POP pre-mixed popcorn kit.

4. Load pre-measured oil into kettle. If solid, let oil warm for a minute or two.

5. Add pre-measured corn. Close lid and let pop. Stirring wire at bottom of kettle should be constantly turning. USE ONLY ONE PACKET OF CORN AT A TIME!

6. Popcorn will start to open lid and fall to basin of machine.

7. When corn has finished popping, dump kettle. (Please remain attentive to popping sound. If you do not dump the kettle after the corn has finished popping, it will burn) If you are experiencing burned corn or excessive smoke turn the kettle heat off for a few minutes. The corn will continue to pop, but at a reduced rate.

8. Repeat cycle starting with #3 for approximately 3-5 batches for best results.

This popcorn machine requires a dedicated 20 amp outlet. Please be certain that nothing else is plugged into this same circuit.

**Important! When transporting machine, make sure the kettle is not inside the unit. **

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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