Pretzel Warmer Operating Instructions

Be certain to follow all safety instructions affixed to the pretzel warmer.

Controls and Functions:

1. Water Pan - Remove pan cover and fill this pan with water. This controls the humidity in the holding cabinet. If no humidity is desired, leave pan empty.

2. Seven Station Pretzel Rack - This is the rack in which the pretzels are displayed. Two rows are left out to prevent burning of product and to improve circulation of heat.

3. Fuel Drawer - The fuel drawer has an insert with three holes. One hole is to be positioned directly under the water pan while the remaining two are positioned under the heat vent holes on the operator right side of the unit. Note: The fuel drawer insert must be in the fuel drawer and positioned as outlined above to achieve proper results.

Using the unit:

1. Fill the water pan in warmer section of machine to provide humidity as needed.

2. Remove lids from Sterno canisters.

3. Pull fuel drawer open and place Sterno canisters in proper locations.

4. Light Sterno canisters and close fuel drawer.

5. Load food product. Frozen product should be ready in approximately 45 minutes.

6. Check Sterno periodically to ensure that they are still lit and functioning properly.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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