Propane Grill Operating Instructions

Note: Always follow all safety instructions affixed to this grill. Follow all local codes when using this grill.

1. Attach propane tank (or tanks) to grill using attachment hanging from side of grill.

2. Ensure propane tank or tanks are installed and secured properly.

3. Turn all burner knobs and the red runner tube knob(s) fully clockwise to the "off" position.

4. Slowly open propane tank valve. (This step is where most problems are caused!)

5. Push and turn runner tube KNOB (RED KNOB OR KNOBS) fully counter-clockwise to "on" position.

6. Insert a lit match or suitable ignition device through oblong hole in front panel.

7. Ensure that entire runner tube is lit using the sight holes located on the front panel between burner knobs.

8. Open desired burner valves (BLACK KNOBS). Ensure that burners light completely from runner tube.

To shut down:

1. Turn all knobs clockwise to "off" position.

2. Shut off main gas or close tank valves.

3. Disconnect propane.


* If runner tube will not properly light or stay lit, shut off gas supply. Wait at least 5 minutes before attempting to re-lite.

* If burners or runner tubes fail to light or remain lit, shut-off, disconnect gas, and discontinue use.

***We ask that grills are returned as you received the unit, clean and free of food. We will assess a minimum of a $25 charge for grills returned dirty***

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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