Sno-Kone Operating Instructions

1.Place this machine on a sturdy surface.

2.Plug this unit into a dedicated 15 amp outlet.

3.Fill the gooseneck with ice cubes or block ice. If using block ice, break into 3" or 4" pieces. Fill to about an inch or so from the top. (The larger the piece of ice the better the snow.) Turn on motor and hold red ghave button.

4.Push the handle down so that the ice presses against the cutter head. A firm even pressure is all that is required. You may need to releive the pressure two or three times on the way down.

5.Scoop the ice into a sno-kone cup and add the flavor of your choice. Enjoy.

**Too much pressure on the pusher handle will make the snow come out coarse; too little pressure makes the ice mushy.**

**Do not let any metal get down into the gooseneck or you will ruin the blades. **

**Never put hands into gooseneck while machine is running-unplug first. **

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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