Steamin Demon Hot Dog Machine Operating Instructions

Note: Please follow all safety instructions affixed to this machine.

1. Lift perforated bottom and add water to warmer base, enough to cover the burner.

2. Replace perforated bottom.

3. Place hot dogs into compartment.

4. Place buns in the wire compartment.

5. Plug machine in to a 15 amp outlet, and turn on high to cook, or lower to warm.

6. Capacity is 80-90 hot dogs at a time. This machine is capable of cooking 400 hot dogs per hour.

7. If an extension cord is needed, make sure it is industrial gauge.

Note: Take refigerator temperature hotdogs directly from cooler and place them into the steamer. Cooked hotdogs should achieve and maintain an internal temperature of 140 degrees. For optimal food safety, we strongly recommend utilizing a small meat thermometer to assure that the product is served at the correct temperature.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.


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